People’s Choice Winner

2019 People's Choice Award

Bruce Shackman

1962 Ford T-Bird

How was Cruisin’ for a Cure Omaha founded?

A friend of mine had not had a PSA test, and I kept asking him if he had one.  He kept saying no.  One day in the fall of 2010, I asked him again, and I got the same answer – no.  For some reason when he told me no I remembered a show called Car Crazy with Barry Maquire of Maguire’s Wax.  He did a half hour of Car Crazy on a car show in California called ‘Cruisin for a Cure. This car show is devoted to providing men over 40 with free PSA tests.  So when I got home I Googled Cruisin’ for a Cure and found their website.  I got in touch with Deb Baker who started Cruisin’ for a Cure in 2000.  I asked her if I could use the name and have a car show in Omaha.  She loved the idea and has been helping me ever since.  I joke a little with my friend that he caused me to do a lot of work just so he could get a PSA test.  I need to mention one more person, and that is Earl Taylor.

He and I first met when we were in the 3rd grade at Jackson School.  He also had prostate cancer.  Together Earl and I started the car and motorcycle show on 9-11-11. Earl died July 16, 2012 from complications of his Prostate Cancer. So we will be dedicating the 2012 Car Show to Earl Taylor.

We asked Methodist Hospital Foundation if they would like to be part of Cruisin’ for a Cure Omaha, and they welcomed the idea.  All the proceeds from the Cruisin’ for a Cure Omaha will go to the Estabrook Cancer Center.

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